Improved CalCheck integration with OffCAT

In the last week there have been two big improvements related to CalCheck and OffCAT that will make life a little easier when troubleshooting ‘calendar’ issues.

1. Relevant solutions for all CalCheck issues added to the following article:

2678030  Information about the Calendar Checking Tool for Outlook (CalCheck)

The detailed solutions added under each type of error/warning flagged by CalCheck will help you resolve/fix meetings more quickly.

Also, there is an HTML bookmark on each bullet item in the article so OffCAT can point you directly to the solution instead of requiring you to find the solution in the above article.

2. Addition of a new node in OffCAT under Configuration Details called Problem meeting details.
  • Under this node you will find each meeting in your calendar that has been flagged as a Warning or Error by CalCheck.
  • When you expand the meeting in the tree you will see:
    • The error/warning text from CalCheck (describing the exact problem with the meeting)
    • A ‘Click Here for the solution’ hyperlink

This link will take you directly to the bookmarked section of article 2678030 so you can go right to the section of the article that applies to the error/warning flagged by CalCheck.

Read the complete blog at 

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