Outlook Connectivity Guided Walkthrough (Exchange On-Premises)

Outlook prompting users for credentials? Outlook users disconnected from their mailboxes? These are a couple of common issues and they can be frustrating to the user. Enter the Outlook Connectivity Guided Walkthrough (GWT).

Outlook connectivity issues with Exchange server can be a very frustrating for both the user and the administrator. Unfortunately, connectivity issues aren't uncommon and will likely occur at some point in time whether your mailboxes are hosted on-premises, in Office 365, or a combination of both, i.e. Hybrid setup. Earlier this year we released a guided walkthrough for Outlook connectivity issues in Office 365.

To assist you in troubleshooting Outlook connectivity issues in an Exchange on-premises environment, we’ve now released the Outlook Connectivity Guided Walkthrough (GWT). You can use this walkthrough for troubleshooting some common issues which include:

  • Prompts for credentials
  • Certificate errors
  • Client disconnects
  • Offline Address Book download issues
  • Autodiscover issues

Read the complete blog at http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2013/11/15/outlook-connectivity-guided-walkthrough-exchange-on-premises.aspx

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