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Subscribing to software delivered over the Web can enable your business to take advantage of enterprise-class software without the burden or cost of managing the technology yourself. Only Microsoft delivers such a comprehensive set of cloud services and enterprise applications with the reliability, security, and global reach you should expect for your business—so you don’t have to compromise.

Key Benefits
  • Grow your business with enterprise-class collaboration and productivity tools—
    Enhance productivity and responsiveness with instant access to data and collaboration tools from almost anywhere. Respond faster to customers, partners, and suppliers with online e-mail and calendaring.

  • Remain flexible changing business needs—
    Subscribe to best-in-class technology that businesses have traditionally run themselves, without up-front acquisition or ongoing maintenance costs. With the ability to elastically scale up or down to meet your future needs, Microsoft provides you with the built-in ability to upgrade to the latest technology when you want.

  • Use trusted and familiar technology—
    With decades of experience serving businesses large and small—now 20 million in the cloud—Microsoft understands the value of technology that is scalable and familiar from day one for you and your employees. We offer the most complete set of cloud-based business solutions and around-the-clock support to ensure we get it right together.

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