Navigating Exchange Content Like A Pro Using Short URLs

Have you been wondering what the URLs we've been posting on Twitter and elsewhere are all about? They come from a Microsoft URL-shortening service. Not only does it allow us to shorten URLs to the minimum characters possible, it also creates vanity URLs that are easier to remember! Note, although it's not a public service (short URL creation is internal), but once they're created, these short URLs are available externally.

A common way to find content is by using Bing, The Decision Engine (<shameless plug!> We love what our friends at Bing are doing!) or other search engines.

For example, to search Exchange cmdlets like New-RetentionPolicyTag, you would either enter the cmdlet name or keywords in a search engine (or the search box in your browser, or the address bar in the browser – now that most browsers are getting rid of the search box as well). If you wanted to get more targeted search results, for example from a particular web site like, you’d type in that search box.

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