Digital Marketing: IT and the Future

Marketing has become a digital process, blurring the lines between IT and marketing and making IT a more essential ingredient.

Marketing is increasingly a digital process, and marketers increasingly have to be technologists. That’s the common wisdom bandied about in myriad marketing conferences and publications that are ostensibly the “voice” of the industry. For once they have it right, although the analyses put forth would be greatly enhanced if they were more nuanced and formed with active input from the unsung heroes of digital marketing—IT professionals.

Is this an outlandish idea? Perhaps. Is it heresy? Perhaps. Is it the truth? Absolutely.

So what is digital marketing and what does this all really mean for the IT profession? Digital marketing is a catchall moniker for a set of marketing pieces and campaigns that incorporate some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Based largely on the Web and/or mobile applications
  • Offer “experiences” and “immersion” versus simple impressions
  • Create dialogue and “conversation” between company and customer
  • Measurable as to outcomes
  • Potentially quick revolution and can be changed quickly and on the fly


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