Security Intelligence Report

The Security Intelligence Report (SIR) is an investigation of the current threat landscape.
It analyzes
exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware based on data from over 600 million systems worldwide, internet services, and three Microsoft Security Centers.

The most current edition, volume 9 (SIR v9), covers January 1 through June 30, 2010, and contains five sections:

  1. Featured Intelligence spotlights the latest threat topic; SIR v9 focuses on battling botnets.
  2. Key Findings charts data and trends captured by Microsoft security analysts.
  3. Reference Guide provides definitions for topics covered in the Key Findings.
  4. Managing Risk offers methods for protecting your organization, software, and people.
  5. Global Threat Assessment graphs malware infection rates by specific country or region.
Comments (1)

  1. isgo says:

    Very usefull to point at which threats are currently developing, but more likely is necessary to use this knowledge to create a better security system that organizations can rely on.

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