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For a long time cloud computing used to be the smart alternative to the good old IT shop, where server farms and applications are located at the company´s site. But at the Microsoft Inspire 2018 opening its doors in Las Vegas on July 15th we will see that time has changed: On premises is no alternative to the superior hybrid infrastructure of cloud and edge computing any more. And Microsoft is well positioned in the center of this new paradigm.

Cloud computing is mainstream: two of three global companies claim to have parts of their IT infrastructure migrated to the cloud naming security and reliability the main reasons for this shift. Even Germany, where more than 90 percent of the economy is represented by hesitant small and medium businesses – dubbed as the “German Mittelstand” – is moving into the cloud at a higher pace than any other market. And Azure is at the top.

But we are moving forward at an even higher speed. At Inspire we will be announcing a bouquet of cloud-related tools and services like the Microsoft Global Network that helps our customers and partners to connect their own offices and infrastructures using Azure and our global network through a unified portal. Instead of adding the cloud to your network, we’ll add your network to the cloud—and protect it with a cloud-native network security service. There will be two new services, Azure Virtual WAN (wide-area network) and Azure Firewall, that target the changing boundaries of the application landscape and both are available for preview.

We are also enhancing the bandwidth and capacity for uploading data into the cloud by expanding our Azure Data Box offering which will be available in Europe soon. With this appliance we help companies to overcome volume barriers: Up to 35 terabyte of data can be transferred from branches and offices all over the globe into the cloud.

And we move forward in enhancing our offerings for the industrial internet of things. Azure IoT Central, the industry’s first true SaaS IoT solution, is adding support for Power BI and Microsoft Flow – enabling customers to visualize real-time intelligence and create workflows. Azure IoT Central also now supports Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) subscriptions, so CSP partners can easily provision and manage Azure IoT Central applications.

These are just a few examples of announcements you can expect at Inspire. Stay tuned to learn more about the incredible business opportunities for Microsoft partners in the ecosystem around the cloud. Microsoft hat turned itself into a platform company with Azure at the core of our business. Azure is not only a platform in the sense of infrastructure and technology. More and more Azure has become the platform for business itself. That is the inspiration we will get at the Inspire signature event in Las Vegas this week – and in the weeks and months to come.



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