SharePoint 2016 – Zero Downtime patching

If you want to learn how zero downtime patching works with SharePoint 2016 follow this link: “This video explains how to patch a SharePoint Server 2016 HA farm from beginning to end, including the installation of the binary files on all servers, and the build-to-build (B2B) upgrade itself.”


Create sample users in an Active Directory

For SharePoint demo environments or developer boxes it might be usefull to have a couple of users in the Active Directory of the specific box. You can find a link to the PowerShell script at the bottom of this post. The script will create demo users and a (very) basic set of service accounts needed…


The RPC Server is unavailable

When installing SharePoint Server 2016 on Azure hosted VM in a single server Environment with AD Directory Services and SQL Server on the same box the configuration wizart might fail at step 3 (creating configuration database) with an error like “The RPC Server is unavailable”. To resolve that issue you just need to modify the…