This blog will be discontinued

Since I left Microsoft by end of february I will no longer continue this blog. The last 10,5 years I have been with Microsoft and have had a lot of fun with a lot of really cool people. But by end of last year I was given the opportunity to join a great team from…

SharePoint 2016 – Zero Downtime patching

If you want to learn how zero downtime patching works with SharePoint 2016 follow this link: “This video explains how to patch a SharePoint Server 2016 HA farm from beginning to end, including the installation of the binary files on all servers, and the build-to-build (B2B) upgrade itself.”

Create sample users in an Active Directory

For SharePoint demo environments or developer boxes it might be usefull to have a couple of users in the Active Directory of the specific box. You can find a link to the PowerShell script at the bottom of this post. The script will create demo users and a (very) basic set of service accounts needed…


The RPC Server is unavailable

When installing SharePoint Server 2016 on Azure hosted VM in a single server Environment with AD Directory Services and SQL Server on the same box the configuration wizart might fail at step 3 (creating configuration database) with an error like “The RPC Server is unavailable”. To resolve that issue you just need to modify the…


Ten Immutable Laws Of Security

Good to know:

Microsoft datacenter peerings

If you want to know to which networks the Microsoft datacenter networks are connected, check out the following: Find the Microsoft peering policy at

Windows N editions

Always wanted to know what Windows N editions are? Me too 😉 Windows N editions allow you to choose your own media player and software required to manage and play CDs, DVDs, and other digital media files. Further details, see:

OneNote tags summary

If you are using OneNote throughout your meetings you will often assign tags to your notes. Typically this might look like this:     In this case I assigned the task tag to the second note. For demo purposes I created different pages with tagged notes:   Finding all tagged notes throughout your notebook will…


Multilingual termstore usage

I did some testing during customer engagement with having a multilingual SharePoint 2010 termstore. What I wanted to know is when translateds labels are being used. Here is the answer: Within the termstore I configured the folowing term:         Within the site settings / language settings of the site I have added…

SharePoint automatisiert installieren

Die Installation einer SharePoint-Farm kann prinzipiell völlig herkömmlich über das Ausführen der Setup.exe und manuellen Konfiguration über die Zentraladministration erfolgen. Dieses Vorgehen ist allerdings fehleranfällig und insbesondere für einen sicheren Betrieb der Umgebung nicht empfehlenswert. Es gibt verschiedene Technologien, um eine SharePoint-Farm auf Basis von PowerShell-Skripten automatisiert zu installieren. Die für diesen Zweck bekanntesten Skript-Sammlungen…