DO NOT install the Office Web Apps in the DC, Office Web Apps would not work and Word Automation Service would crash

[??: ?????? , Office/Project????, ?????????????] [Author: Keith Lin, Office/Project Support Team, Microsoft Asia Pacific Global Support Center] This would happened after you install SharePoint 2010 SP1.   Symptom ====================== Word Automation Service never generate the destination file (maybe pdf, may be xps or other if the convertor support) When the Word Automation Service Timer Jobs…


Office 2007 Service Pack 3 is now published (Office 2007 SP3 正式发布)

Service Pack 3 has RTW’d for Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007. Service Pack 3 contains a roll-up of all 2007 Cumulative and Public Updates since Service Pack 2 for both Office client suites and applications as well as SharePoint Servers, in addition to some new fixes for issues discovered during the lifecycle of SP2. Announcing…


How to use command line to change/activate MAK product key for Office 2010 installation?

Happy 2011 to all! Sometimes, we may not be able to launch UI/wizard to change or activate the MAK product key for Office 2010 installation successfully. For example, the UI/wizard just gets to hang or be blocked by something in the specific client machine environment. We could consider/test to use the ospp.vbs script installed with…


Word 2007 encounters crash issue if the template contains ActiveX Controls

Recently, several reports were received about one Word 2007 crash issue. Some users said that the issue occurs after installing the MS10-056 Word security update. The situation is as below: Word 2007 is no longer able to create new documents from templates which contain ActiveX controls. Word 2007 will crash when double-clicking the template file….


Useful tool for Learn where menu and toolbar commands are in Office 2010/2007 and related products

In case the user concerns about the UI changes in Office 2010/2007 comparing old office versions. Here is the tool to easily guide the customer to find the menus.   Guides to the Ribbon: Use Office 2003 menus to learn the Office 2007 user interface   Learn where menu and toolbar commands are in…


Unable to run office programs as a non-administrator on a Windows Terminal Server

Request Description: The system has installed Office 2007 Small Business Edition on a Windows Terminal Server. When non-admin users attempt to launch Office applications in local and/or remote sessions, the following errors occur: Word: “MS Office Word needs VBA macro language support to complete this action. An error occurred and this feature is no longer…