ApplicationTemplates for SharePoint 2010

Microsoft releases Application Templates for SharePoint 2007 and the templates are widely used by our customers. “Microsoft is not releasing new versions of these templates for SharePoint 2010 Products. Also, .stp files are deprecated and can’t be used to create new sites when you upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint Foundation 2010.” (Ref) More…

Word 2007 encounters crash issue if the template contains ActiveX Controls

Recently, several reports were received about one Word 2007 crash issue. Some users said that the issue occurs after installing the MS10-056 Word security update. The situation is as below: Word 2007 is no longer able to create new documents from templates which contain ActiveX controls. Word 2007 will crash when double-clicking the template file….

Microsoft Security Bulletin for SharePoint

You may encountered problem after you have installed the Microsoft Security Bulletin updates for SharePoint. Here are the things you should know about Microsoft Security update for SharePoint: 1.       All the Security updates for SharePoint have WSS3.0 version and SharePoint 2007 version(x86/x64). So before you install the updates you should select the right version. 2.      …

Good Document for BPOS on MSDN

Hi All, recently, one document about BPOS has been released on MSDN, and it is very nice document for reference. SharePoint Online: An Overview for Developers