Project Server 2010 Installation Guide

Some users are confused about the installation process of Project Server 2010 on Technet, becuase there are multiple documents involved. For the convenience, one document is composed to include all main steps to install one Project Server 2010 environment. It is just for your refernece. ProjectServer2010_Installation_Guide.pdf


Useful tool for Learn where menu and toolbar commands are in Office 2010/2007 and related products

In case the user concerns about the UI changes in Office 2010/2007 comparing old office versions. Here is the tool to easily guide the customer to find the menus.   Guides to the Ribbon: Use Office 2003 menus to learn the Office 2007 user interface   Learn where menu and toolbar commands are in…


Workaround for the situation that SharePoint auto cleanup job deleted workflow history

Issue description: In case you encounter the SharePoint auto deletes workflow history issue. so far there are 3 suggestions Solution: 1. Disable the SharePoint auto cleanup job ( ) 2. Increase the number of days the auto cleanup job will delete history. Changing the SPWorkflowAssociation.AutoCleanupDays property  3. The methods above absolutely will have permission…


one method to view binary (if the binary is really just text) in Database

Problem describe: Very often we may find some binary column in SharePoint database, i.e. AllDocs -> MetaInfo, Webs -> MetaInfo. It is really just some text stored in binary format. However, since it is rendered in binary format when we run a query, it is hard to see.   Solution: There is a Cast function…


Unable to run office programs as a non-administrator on a Windows Terminal Server

Request Description: The system has installed Office 2007 Small Business Edition on a Windows Terminal Server. When non-admin users attempt to launch Office applications in local and/or remote sessions, the following errors occur: Word: “MS Office Word needs VBA macro language support to complete this action. An error occurred and this feature is no longer…