Using the Office Web Apps RTM installer to install on a non-system drive will cause unhealthy farm status.


The RTM installer of Office Web Apps will also create a folder on the C drive called “OneNoteMerge” when installing to another drive. The folder is not created on the specified non C drive path. This is one root cause of the unhealthy status and some event log errors.


This has been fixed in the most recent version of the installer that is slipstreamed with SP1


To correct the issue on an Office Web Apps server that was installed with the RTM installer you can perform the following steps:

1. Stop the Office Web Apps service (stop-service wacsm)
2. Move the following folder and all of its contents from the C drive to the correct installation path you specified. (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Web Apps\OneNoteMerge)
3. Start the Office Web Apps service (start-service wacsm)
4. The health status should now show healthy and errors for the OneNoteMerge ping check should no longer appear


We do not recommend installing on a non system drive if you are using VMWare, unless you perform a VMWare workaround


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