WAC / OWA / Office Web Apps 2013 / SharePoint Online/ Links to Onenote notebook page do not work


Users click command "Copy Link to this Page..." from Onenote Web App to create a shortcut link to a specific page in the notebook.  When that link URL is used, it brings up the notebook but does not navigate to the specific page.

This affects both SharePoint online and on premise.



If the URL is greater than 255 characters this feature does not work, if less than 255 characters then all works.



Far from ideal, but if you shorten the name of the notebook section and page name then the URL will be shorter.



The product group has been made aware of this issue and it maybe resolved in a future version or patch.


Comments (4)

  1. Chalapathi says:

    Hello, I am seeing a similar error in our OneNote Web App. When we try to add a link to a page (inside a section group) through the OneNote webapp, the page wouldn’t open and comes back with an error "Sorry, OneNote Web App can’t open this link". Similar
    to this issue:

  2. Chalapathi says:

    Can you please verify if you are able to replicate the above issue and take it to the product team for fixing it?

  3. Chris says:

    I also have this issue. I try to share a specific PAGE (instead of my whole notebook) using the webapp. It generates a 245 char URL but that URL is a dead end. It returns "This item might not exist or is no longer available"

  4. Ed says:

    Same problem here. I get a response from the URL I am trying to access indicating my request had an error in it. If I copy and paste the URL into a brower it works fine.

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