Users redirected to wrong OneDrive library


Users are redirected to the wrong OneDrive site after saving a newly created document in Office Web Apps 2013.


We've discussed how the wopisessioncontext cookie works with the Office Web Apps 2013 in the past here...

In this situation we are seeing users being redirected to the last OneDrive library they visited, rather than their own.

Here is an example situation.

-User 1 navigates to User 2's OneDrive site.
-User 1 opens a document shared on User 2's OneDrive site in Office Web Apps 2013.
-User 1 closes the document which redirects them back to User 2's OneDrive site library.
-User 1 navigates back to their own OneDrive site
-User 1 creates a new document using the Office Web Apps.
-User 1 saves the document by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner of the web app.
-User 1 is redirected back to User 2's OneDrive site library, rather than their own.


At this time there is no direct resolution to this specific issue, as the issue has been raised to the Office Web Apps product group and they have elected to focus their efforts elsewhere.

One workaround we have found is to click File > Save on the document (if available), as this will update the wopisessioncontext cookie to the appropriate library.

We have also found that this issue does not reproduce in SharePoint Online using the Office Online web apps.

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