Language pack issue with Office Web Apps 2013 when upgrading to SP1


Consider if you have done the following:

1) Office Web Server RTM installed
2) Office Web Server RTM language packs installed (all of them)
3) Download and install Office Web Server SP1
Result: During the setup of Office Web Server SP1, the install will fail with this error:

Reason: This error occurs because the language packs for 6 specific languages (below) missed making SP1 and because they are installed in the RTM version, SP1 setup tries to upgrade them and fails.

1. Azerbaijani - Latin script (az-latn-az
2. Bosnian - Latin script (bs-latn-ba)
3. Dari (prs-af)
4. Irish Gaelic (ga-ie)
5. Macedonian (FYROM) (mk-mk)
6. Welsh (cy-gb)

Uninstall the six RTM language packs prior to applying SP1.  Then SP1 will install successfully. Finally, after SP1 is installed you may then install the six RTM language packs.

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