Office Web Apps and disabling Word translation service

Office Web Apps has a setting to enable translation services for Word documents.  Reference MSDN blog:

By default the "TranslationEnabled" setting = False.  Unfortunately, if you do NOT want the Translate option to appear in the Word Web App >> File >> Info options, you need to take an extra step.

How to Disable Translation in Word Web App

There is an .ini file in the root Office Web Apps Server directory (\Program Files\Microsoft Office Web Apps\WebWordViewer) called Settings_service.ini.  Open that .ini in Notepad and edit this line:

; The switch to turn the word viewer translation feature on/off in the datacenter

to this instead:


Afterwards, restart the Office Web Apps service via Powershell:  Restart-service wacsm

The Word Web App will no longer provide the option to translate the document.

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  1. Humberto says:

    Hi, is possible do this with Save As… option??

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