Office Web Apps 2013 SharePoint search previews fails randomly


Document preview for SharePoint 2013 search and document library's randomly give error "To start seeing previews, please log on by opening the document"



Since our embedded viewer will not actively authenticate users, it depends on the previous authentication info on the same connection. In IE, a new tab or a new
window will likely launch a new process, i.e. a new TCP connection will be used.  In Chrome and Firefox, seems all browser windows/tabs use one TCP connection. That is why embed view always work in Chrome and Firefox but not in IE.



There is no known workaround to this issue.  But the preview feature can be turned off.

From SharePoint server, login as a farm administrator and launch SharePoint management shell

enter this command:

Remove-spwopibinding -action "imagepreview"

 then answer "Y"  (default) and that should remove all 18 image preview bindings for search

The key final step is perform a full crawl.  Only crawled content will have the new binding setting applied.  (This is generally true for any change with Office Web Apps bindings and search:  a crawl must be done to apply changes.)

What are we doing about this?

The fix was included in the April 2014 cumulative update for SharePoint 2013.

Comments (20)

  1. GillouX says:


    any news on that, do we know if it is going to be part of the next CU ?


  2. Ganesh says:

    Any Update on this ? What SU after Sp1 needs to be installed

  3. Chad says:

    What KB article is assigned to this?

  4. Kartikay says:

    is the workaround to use Chrome then?

  5. Chris says:

    I’m also looking for an update on this issue. Reading through the most recent CUs it doesn’t appear to been fixed. We have SP1 installed and it is still an issue.

  6. danny says:

    We too are still experiencing this issue with Mac OSX Safari users. Can someone please provide an update on the status of this?

  7. Arora says:

    Is this issue resolved now in April 2014 CU?

  8. Alex Vincent says:

    I would also like to know if this has been resolved.

  9. John Adams says:

    This does not appear to have been fixed, i am running Nov release CU and i still have no preview in the search results available to me, what’s happening?

  10. Simon says:

    ANY update on this…? This is really annoying for our users and does not really help with adoption of Sharepoint technology. 🙁

  11. Dezmond says:

    Is there a fix coming soon in new CU for this? Thanks

  12. Jan999 says:

    How can this still be an issue…. both products from Microsoft and no solution yet!?

  13. GJO says:

    hopefully there is a solution for this problem soon…

  14. dexus says:

    Still waiting for a fix!

  15. shoes says:

    Really?!?!?! no fix yet to this, talk about dropping the ball!

  16. A customer says:

    Still no fix….? Hello? Anyone…?!

  17. Dan M says:

    Any update on this? MSFT – please chime in

  18. Brian says:

    We need a fix now, hurry

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