September 2013 Office Update: Targeting and Repeated Offering

Since the shipment of the September 2013 Security Bulletin Release, we have received reports of updates being offered for installation multiple times, or certain cases where updates were not offered via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) or System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

We have investigated the issue, established the cause, and we have released new updates that will cease the unnecessary re-targeting of the updates or the correct offering of these updates.

We have received escalations related to targeting for the following KB's.  


  • Security Update for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (KB2760589)


  • Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB2760411
  • Security Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB2767913)


  • Security Update for Excel 2003 (KB2810048)
  • Security Update for Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (KB2760583
  • Security Update for Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 2007 (KB2760590
  • Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB2760588


  • Security Update for Microsoft Office 2013 (KB2810009) 64-Bit Edition

 Non-Security Updates:

  • Update for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (KB2553145)
  • Update for Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2010 (KB2553351)

 Please inform us of any other KB's where you are experiencing multiple re-installation offers or missing installations from deployment products.



Comments (52)
  1. @Dawn, a quick fix you can use is to right-click a file, select "Open With" and select the correct program. This will re-associate the file type with the application. We're working on a permanent fix for this issue now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Only a heads up.  The first Security Bulletin on the list (MS13-067) leads to MS13-072, instead of MS13-67.…/ms13-067

  3. If you are still having these issues, please re-run Microsoft Update (open the application and select "Check for updates."

  4. If you're having trouble with file type associations for Office 2010 Starter Edition, using the right click > "Open With" capability will help you restore the connection between Office aps and their file types.

    Select "Office Client Virtualization Handler" to reassociate Office files.

  5. Anonymous says:

    These repetive updates are still happening and worse still you cant uninstall them as Windows does not recognise them as being there even though the update was supposed to be successful. Causing the computer to run like a three legged dog.

  6. Anonymous says:

    KB2810009 (64-Bit) still failed today when trying to install using Windows Update on Windows 8.1 Pro with Office 2013.

    Had to manually install it to fix the problem.

  7. Hi folks,

    The changes will take a bit of time to proliferate. We'll continue to monitor the update and ensure global deployment as quickly as we can.

  8. Dawn says:

    Issue with An automatic update "kb2589275" has also stopped my computer and my friend's as well, from recognizing Word Starter 2010 as a source to open files.  Is there a fix from Microsoft yet for this problem.  My computer will not allow me to uninstall that update (no uninstall button or link).

  9. Heinz Lyner says:

    Nuts, I have installed 3 x since this post, the problem is still there..

  10. Brymstone says:

    All of the following office updates keep trying to reinstall







  11. Suzanne S. Barnhill says:

    @ Dawn: Note that the application you have to select (using Open With) for Office Starter is "Microsoft Office Client Virtualization Handler."

  12. sky says:

    I can confirm no more office 2007 updates(KB2760411, KB2760588, KB2760583) repeatedly.  I have a question about installed patch itself. Office 2007 updates(KB2760411, KB2760588, KB2760583)installed my system multiple times already. Is it OK?

  13. François says:

    Those three updates still show up here again and again!

  14. Dale says:

    The problem is still occurring. Updates KB2760411, KB2760588, and KB2760583 are continually being reoffered, despite multiple installations.

  15. sky says:

    @ François

    @ Dale

    Did you click "Check for Updates" in the Windows Update?

  16. Ceil says:

    Well, I've installed the "new" updates today, 13 of them, and STILL have the problem.  I have Vista. This is 8:01pm Eastern time.

  17. balakrishnarao says:

    nosolution yet? Task bar shows same updates repeatedly. sickening

  18. Daniel says:

    Stating that the problem has been solved without even explaining what people need to do is just moronic!  At the very least you could instruct people that they need to click on the 'Check for updates' button and this will fact clean up the problem.

  19. Since 9/11/2013 I have received multiple downloads of KB2760588, KB2810048,KB2760411.  Is there a fix for this yet?  Will all these update downloads hurt my computer?

  20. charlie says:

    These 3 updates, KB2760411, KB2760588, KB2760583, are still continually wanting to be install on my Office 2007 Home and Student.

    The problem is not fixed!

  21. ims02 says:

    Microsoft have fixed the problem.

    This is what I did: Make sure the updates are installed, if hidden unhide them and check for updates again, may take two attempts for updates to not appear again, but after checking for updates second time round it doesn't list those updates anymore.

  22. kate4 says:

    I am having the same problem with kb2760411, kb2760583 and kb2760588 repeatedly wanting to reinstall, even though it says it was installed successfully each time. This has been happening for the last few days. When do you expect to have this problem fixed?  

  23. kate4 says:

    I think I found a fix for my repetitive requests to reinstall updates microsoft Office 2007 kb2760411, kb2760583 and kb2760588.  Go to check for windows updates and once your system checks for any updates it will come back and tell you there are no updates and it will  not prompt you again to install these updates…..

  24. Oli says:


    In your List is Office 2003 not mentioned?

    Here are the KB's

    Security Update for Excel 2003 (KB2810048)

    Security Update for Windows 7  (KB2676562) – (KB2859537) – (KB2872339)

    These Updates are installing every time I restart Windows? Hiding these Updates doesn't work.

    Checking for new Update seems to be stuck in a loop, and if I choose to uninstall these Updates shows me no more Updates are Installed.

    The most annoying affect is, that my PC sometimes freeze for second. After checking for a Solution, I see Microsoft is working on this particular Bug. Great but how long do I have to wait?

    best regards from an Office-User

  25. WindowsRich says:

    Just worked for me (Windows 7 Ultimate N SP1). Thanks.

  26. Robin Nash says:

    haven't fixed 411, 588, nor 583, – still re-installing and still frustrating !!!!

  27. metJ says:

    Still trouble here in Denmark, hoping you just haven't gotten the update rolled out here you, as I haven't gotten the KB27.. updates yet, and can't install the last 2 updates (service pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2010(KB2687455) 32bit) and (Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (KB2553145)32bit) Neither can update, and the PowerPoint one keeps trying, but failing. it is impossible to upload office files to email, because it doesn't recognize the program…

  28. Walter Blind says:

    KB2810048 also fits this pattern as well as two others listed above.

  29. John P says:

    I've had multiple notifications of updates 2760411 & 2760588 since Tuesday.

    Checking for updates this morning, Saturday, I get informed "None Available"

    I have the above two installed 3 times now do I just leave them or installant 2 of them?

  30. Bruce says:

    When do you plan on fixing this problem with updates KB2760411, KB 2760583, and KBKB2760588. You either need to remove those faulty updates before sending through ones that work or notify everyone that you have fixed them so we can unhide them for installation. Really, the moment you found out they were faulty they should have been removed, this is truely incompetent for a SECURITY update.

  31. Debbie says:

    I haven't been able to open Word or PowerPoint docs since September 9th.  I did a System Restore to the last update on September 8th.  Now I can open the Word & PP docs.  Microsoft – WTH???  Stop it already and fix the problem.  Don't update my computer anymore until you can figure this problem out.  You might as well drive me to the Apple store.  I won't buy a PC again.

  32. charlie says:

    The problem now seems to be fixed. I checked this morning and the hidden ones were not there and when I checked for updates it didn't want to install them again.

  33. Larry says:

    I tried posting this last night but evidently my post didn't go thru.

    Do the duplicate updates created by this problem need to be uninstalled?


  34. baillard says:

    Please update the KB894199 about the re-release patches or detection logic, as well as update…/ms13-sep with a new version indicating the patches have been re-released.  Most IT pros don't have time to search dozens of individual product blogs to find out when a patch is re-released, the two locations above are central resources.

  35. Torellian says:

    Same problem as others reported with kb2589275.  I tried right clicking and using "Open With", but MS Word Starter is not on the list of programs offered.  I also tried using Microsoft Office Client Virtualization Handler.  It turned all my Word files into Adobe Acrobat files.  I can't open any of them now.

  36. alex says:

    I've got the same problem as dawn with this update KB2589275. All my word doc files now have a strange orange icon instead of the usual Word blue one, and will no longer open with a double click. Initially I thought I'd lost all my documents – complete disaster – but the 'open with' solution choosing the option for 'Microsoft Office Client Virtualization Handler' seems to work, thank goodness. I look forward to a proper fix as soon as possible please – as reported below,the update cannot be uninstalled. Shouldn't these auto-updates be much more thoroughly checked for efficacy before these global releases? Not good for users or microsoft's corporate reputation.

  37. annette says:

    I am also having the same problem as Dawn.  Issue with An automatic update "kb2589275" has also stopped my computer from recognizing Word Starter 2010 as a source to open files.  Is there a fix from Microsoft yet for this problem.  My computer will not allow me to uninstall that update (no uninstall button or link).  WHEN WILL THIS ISSUE BE FIXED???  With so many similar complaints this NEEDS to be addressed!!!

  38. Fiona says:

    Still having issues with the computer not recognising that I have word, office and excel starter versions. Have managed to open some of my files using the right click method but not all and others are opening but with complete random symbols and letters top and bottom with original text in the middle. The files that seem to have the problem have turned orange in my documents thumbnails. How can microsoft updates do this…they should be thoroughly tested before being released for installing.I have lost access to a number of files which is really annoying and unacceptable.I am not a technical wizard so don't know any sophisticated ways of resolving this. So please find and TEST a solution so that my files and programs return to how they were before the updates last Wednesday 11th September.

  39. wdj says:

    Must uninstall KB2817630 and KB 2817629 els is outlook navigation pane folder list empty.

  40. dennis says:

    Why did you download two "Security Updates for Microsoft Office 2007 suites" onto my Windows Update page? (KB2760588) and (KB2760823).  

    I keep getting a notification in the Taskbar that those "New updates are available."  I don't have Office 2007 !  I don't have Office !   Remove those updates from my Windows Update page !!

  41. Dale says:

    Cheers guys, will get these released next month for testing and let you know how I get on.

  42. Jacob DeHaven says:

    I am using Windows 7 64-bit edition and the following Microsoft Updates for MS Office 2007/2010 are not installing.

















  43. John says:

    problems with file type associations for Office 2010 starter edition. When will permanent fix be issued?

  44. Joseph Curtis says:

    updates want to reinstall:




  45. MetJ says:

    Still having issues! I can't install the following updates:

    KB2553145 (32-bit version)

    KB2687455 (32-bit version)

    It's been more than a week now, when will you fix this issue???

  46. E. says:

    It was the KB2760411

  47. Linda says:

    KB2872339 and KB2676562 are continually trying to update several times a day.

    Window 7 home edition 64bit

    How do I stop this?

  48. Unhappy says:

    I reinstalling the 3 Updates since 9/12/2013 multiple time and the check for Windows Updates does not work.  It was last updated on 9/11/2013 @ 3:51 PM.  Is this 9/11 just a coincidence? Is there a patch or something or do I have to pay someone to fix this?

  49. Ray Avila says:

    Doesn't seem like my comment posted, so I'll try again. After KB2760411, 583 and 588 installed six times, I took the advice of some and uninstalled the updates and then hid them to prevent them from being re-offered. Some say the issue isn't fixed. Do I dare restore and install the updates? Do I eve need to do anythng? I haven't seen any updates other than Windows Defender updates since then, nothing that looks like a fix.

  50. David says:

    Re-installs as follows: KB2840628, KB2835393, KB2832407, KB2804576, KB2789642, KB2472595, KB2737019, KB2729449, KB2604121 and KB2656351.

    I have been receiving these ten updates every day for over a week now??

  51. PJ Lightning says:

    Please explain how to access the updates that will correct this problem because I've been getting 3 of those reinstalling every day for a couple of weeks and manually checking for updates is failing. All I get when I manually check is Windows could not search for new updates. An error occurred while checking for new updates on your computer. Code 80072EE2

  52. Brian says:

    Same problem now occurring with a Windows Xp security update KB2862330

    Please pass it on

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