Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 2 Availability

We’re happy to announce that Service Pack 2 (SP2) for our Office and SharePoint 2010 family of products is now available!

The SP2 release improves the compatibility of the Office and SharePoint 2010 products with Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10, Office 2013, and SharePoint 2013. It also addresses security, stability, and performance and contains all the Cumulative Updates (CU) and Public Updates (PU) that have released since SP1, starting with the June 2011 CU and July 2011 PU and ending with the April 2013 CU and May 2013 PU. The issues fixed specifically in the service pack are listed in the SP2 changes list.

As of today, all of the SP2 updates are available from the Download Center at the links listed below as well as from Microsoft Update as a manual download. After a 90-day period, SP2 will be offered as an automatic update through Microsoft Update. Customers using the Office Click-to-Run technology will have SP2 streamed to them beginning in August.

Download Links for Service Pack 2

Access 2010 Runtime SP2




Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP SP2




FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint SP2




Groove Server 2010 SP2




Office 2010 Filter Pack SP2




Office 2010 Language Pack SP2




Office 2010 SP2




Office Language Interface Pack 2010 SP2


See KB article

See KB article

Office Proofing Tools 2010 SP2




Office Web Apps 2010 SP2




PowerPoint Viewer SP2




Project 2010 SP2




Project Server 2010 SP2




Search Server 2010 SP2




Server Language Pack SP2




SharePoint 2010 Indexing Connector for Documentum SP2




SharePoint Designer 2010 SP2




SharePoint Foundation 2010 Client Object Model Redistributable SP2




SharePoint Foundation 2010 Language Pack SP2




SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP2




SharePoint Server 2010 SP2




Visio 2010 SP2




Visio Viewer 2010 SP2





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  1. LukeChung says:

    Sorry for posting so many comments. Delete my first two and this one.

  2. LukeChung says:

    Here's additional information on Service Pack 2 that describes the update in more detail, information on previous service packs, list of enhancements for Microsoft Access, and a known issue between Access 2010 SP2 and SharePoint 2013.…/service-pack-2-issues.htm

  3. Catching up on some of the questions asked in the comments here:

    – SP1 is not required before installing SP2. SP2 includes SP1 and can be installed over either the original RTM product or SP1.

    – The Office 2010 SP2 download listed above does not include any of the other packages listed.

    – Full, integrated SharePoint 2010 SP2 installs (with SP2 patches in the Updates folder) that are compatible with Windows Server 2012 are available now on MSDN and will be available in the Volume Licensing Service Center later this fall.

    – The April 2013 CU was the last CU included in SP2.

  4. @Matt, @Carrie: If you only need to update Office 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Access, OneNote, InfoPath, or SharePoint Workspace), then KB 2687455 (…/2687455) is the one you need. Go to that KB article and click either the 32-bit or 64-bit download link in the article, depending on whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit Office installed. The "32-bit" and "64-bit" links in the above table are simply another way to get to the same downloads.

    The same is true for SharePoint Server (KB 2687453), Project (KB 2687457), Project Server (KB 2687452) and Visio (KB 2687468). Most of the rest of the updates listed in the above table are supporting products or language packs that you may or may not need, depending on what you have deployed.

  5. BSOD2600 says:

    FYI, appears there is a bug with SP2 as now the Windows Event log is spammed with reoccurring "Calendar Folder property is missing".  Seems to originate from KB2817371.  People with this issue –…/calendar-folder-property-is-missing

  6. Office admin says:

    Can you please add KB #'s to the list of fixes? It's pretty much useless without this.

  7. Dejan says:

    Are there special instructions on how to apply SP2? Or do we just apply it like regular updates.

  8. RodsMine says:

    Would be nice if you clarified what packages are part of the Office 2010 SP2 package (I'm sure the "viewers" are not, but not sure if the Visio 2010 SP2 package or even if the Office 2010 Filter Pack SP2 package are included.) All you have to do is "star" them…

  9. Sebastian says:


    does Office 2010 SP2 include all the fixes of Office 2010 SP1?

    Or is it still necessary to install SP1 prior to SP2?

    The two AdminTemplates for 32bit & 64bit seem to be mixed up:…/details.aspx

    The AdminTemplates_32bit.exe doesn't work with the 32bit Office while the AdminTemplates_64bit.exe does work with it.

    Could someone please check this?



  10. M says:

    Does the SP2 contain all the bits listed here or do I have to download and install them as well? The article is not clear about that.

  11. windows 8 app development says:

    The new pack should be compatible with the browsers and hope would  not have security issues and can expect stability

  12. Carlos says:

    Where are the full install links? You had those for the beta, can you provide a full install for SP2 as well?

  13. Ken says:

    When will the SharePoint 2010 full product installs with SP2 packaged in them be available so that it can be installed on Windows Server 2012?

  14. David Seed says:

    Is Service Pack 1 included in this release or do I have to install Service Pack 1 first then Service Pack 2?

    Thank you

  15. Frederic Blanc says:

    I remember when slipstreaming SP1 into the Updates folder of an administrative installation point, there was an updated version of OSETUP.DLL (14.0.6117.5002) that had to be placed in the Updates folder. This was replaced by 14.0.6131.5003 by another post SP1 update.

    However, when I extract SP2, I do not get any OSETUP.DLL at all. So what should I do? Keep the 14.0.6131.5003 in the Updates folder or remove it? Or is there an SP2 version of OSETUP.DLL that needs to be obtained from somewhere else?

  16. Unkown says:

    When are you going to release the integrated Service Pack 2 installation media so that we can install on Windows 2012?

  17. mtamayoo (MSFT) says:

    To add some clarity, does this cover everything required to connect to Office 365?

  18. eoel210 says:

    Are the June 2013 CU included in the service pack?

  19. David Seed says:


    Is SP1 a prerequisite before installing SP2?

  20. Luke Chung says:

    Additional details on SP2, prior service packs, details on Microsoft Access 2010, and issues around SP2 with Access 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

  21. Luke Chung says:

    Here's additional information on the SP2 release, prior SP versions, the Microsoft Access changes, and some known issues around the release. Especially with Access 2010 SP2 and SharePoint 2013.…/service-pack-2-issues.htm

  22. David Follis says:

    Any thoughts on why SP2 would break charts created in Excel but pasted into PowerPoint 2010?  Please see example:…/post-sp2-embedded-excel-2010-chart-data-in-powerpoint-2010-removes-x-and-y-axis-values

    X and Y axis and legend lose text after the update.

  23. ARG!!!! SP2 install SUCKS!! says:

    I've spent 7hrs working on trying to install the SP2 but have run into so many issues. I read where the best way to install is to make a new ISO disk and install SP2 on it … ! what!!!??

  24. Matt says:

    I am an owner operator of a consulting business using o365 to try to make my life easier.

    I therefore administer my own IT, which I hate at the best of times.

    Do you think you could make this request any more unintuitive (sarcasm!!!)

    I went to this link to install service pack 2 (what ever that means) read through the instructions with the table of more than 20 x 4 cells of hyperlinks that mean absolutely nothing to me. What the hell am I supposed to do?

    Thank you again MS!!

  25. Carrie says:

    I don't understand any of what is listed here?  What am I supposed to click on and download?  Many of us do IT for ourselves and this is not easily understood for those of us who are small business owners.  Please provide better instructions.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Good news! SharePoint and Office 2010 Service pack 2 are now available!
    The SP2 release improves the

  27. Anonymous says:

    Pingback from Week in Review, July 29-August 2, 2013 : BoostSolutions

  28. Anonymous says:

    Good news! SharePoint and Office 2010 Service pack 2 are now available!

    The SP2 release improves the

  29. DWalker says:

    Once Office 2010 SP2 is installed, is that version of Office 2010 currently (as of April 2016) in Mainstream Support status? The tables that show Office 2010 support status, like, say “Review Note” and that is just not clear. The additional link is also hard to parse.

    Help please! Thanks.

    1. The 12 month support period for a service pack begins when it releases, not when it’s installed. So Service Pack 2 support started 7/23/2013 (the release date) and ended 12 months later on 7/23/2014. Since its support period ended before the 10/13/2015 end of Mainstream support for Office 2010, it had no effect on extending Mainstream support. Office 2010, with any service pack installed, is now in Extended support. Hope that helps clarify it for you.

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