Daylight Savings Time (DST) Updates for SharePoint

The August 2011 Cumulative Update for SharePoint Foundation (2010, 2007) contains the following Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes:


Russian Time Zones:

  • A new time zone has been created for Kaliningrad with display name “(UTC+3:00) Kaliningrad”. This time zone does not support Daylight Saving Time.
  • Support for Daylight Saving Time has been discontinued and UTC offsets have been updated for time zones listed in the table below:


   Time Zone



Russian Standard Time

(UTC +3:00) Moscow, St
  Petersburg, Volgograd

(UTC +4:00) Moscow, St
  Petersburg, Volgograd

Ekaterinburg Standard Time

(UTC +5:00) Ekaterinburg

(UTC +6:00) Ekaterinburg

N. Central Asia Standard Time

(UTC +6:00) Novosibirsk

(UTC +7:00) Novosibirsk

North Asia Standard Time

(UTC +7:00) Krasnoyarsk

(UTC +8:00) Krasnoyarsk

North Asia East Standard Time

(UTC +8:00) Irkutsk

(UTC +9:00) Irkutsk

Yakutsk Standard Time

(UTC +9:00) Yakutsk

(UTC +10:00) Yakutsk

Vladivostok Standard Time

(UTC +10:00) Vladivostok

(UTC +11:00) Vladivostok

Magadan Standard Time

(UTC +11:00) Magadan

(UTC +12:00) Magadan


It also contains 2011-adjusted DST start and end dates for the following time zones:

  • Fiji Standard Time
  • Samoa Standard Time

In addition to these changes, the August 2011 CU update rolls up the DST changes that were previously released in the June 2011 CU:

KB2553931 - includes 2011 DST changes for Egypt (DST cancellation), Namibia, Magadan & Israel.

If you'd like to keep track of regular updates in this area, you can get updates and information at the Daylight Saving Time Help and
Support Center

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  1. Anonumous says:

    Great, great, great! Maybe Russia did right thing to keep summer time all Year around! I hope in Canada it will be sometime too! Because it's better, when sunset in the winter not too early! (I heard many people getting depressed when it gets dark early. Thus I 100% support DST all Year around!

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