End of support for Office XP

Per our earlier post, this is a reminder that on July 12, Office XP will exit the Extended Support phase of its lifecycle, per the Support Policy of Microsoft.

After the end of support, Microsoft will no longer provide public fixes for the Office XP release. Automatic Updates that ship on “Patch Tuesday” will be discontinued for Office XP. There will be no effect on installed software; products will still continue to function., activation will continue to work as expected.

Office XP was quite a remarkable release, it was the version of Office that deprecated Clippy and brought us SharePoint, Web Services integration and other things. SharePoint Team Services turned out to be a pretty smart bet, growing to a $1.3B business over the next 10 years, adding over 20,000 users each day. Office XP brought us Activation, Task Panes, Speech Recognition, Word’s “Reveal Formatting” command, the Data Connection Wizard of Excel, Rules in Outlook, and even the Path animation type in PowerPoint. As with all releases of Office, XP introduced quite a bit of new capability. The original Office XP Press Release is still available, dated March 5, 2001.

What options do Office XP users have?

Microsoft recommends that customers keep their systems secure by upgrading to the latest, supported product and/or service pack, such as Microsoft Office 2010. Office 2007 Service Pack 2 and Office 2003 Service Pack 3 are also supported for the duration outlined in the Support Lifecycle Product Database.

For our Premier Support customers, a Custom Support program is available. The support team has posted a useful web page about available options for retired product support. They have also published a good FAQ page to explain some of the background on the support policy.

For more information, consult these resources:

· Retired Product Support Options
· Microsoft Services Premier Support
· Microsoft Services Premier Support – Custom Support
· Support Lifecycle Information for all Office Products
· Office XP Support Lifecycle
· Microsoft Support Lifecycle

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  1. Nothing on support.microsoft.com/…/retired is remotely "useful". Customers need a ink to an upgrade site mentioning the MS idea of the price on the first half of the first page as seen by IE6 (or whatever is the oldest still supported MS browser at the time of the announcement).

  2. @Ed, we're discussing Office XP here. By chance is your comment in reference to Windows XP?

  3. @Roland, an alternative strategy is to create a backup copy of your installation disk.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Will activation work perpetually (or 2020 or till when?) or will MS put a patch to not require activation before activation servers are closed for Office XP? If activation stops working without a patch, I will be the first to sue Microsoft for not allowing use of purchased product perpetually.

  5. tomushunis@aol.com says:

    thanks for the continued support and update information to keep me in tune with microsoft and all their products and also their great operating system that keeps my business running trouble free.

  6. Ed Crawford says:

    I know a number of people that are still on XP because Vista was not a good idea and we question Windows 7. Eliminating XP support was a bad idea.

  7. Massimo says:

    ti ringrazio Microsoft io ho office XP e word mi funziona malissimo gli altri programmi non li uso spesso ma spero che almeno Excel, Access Powerpoint funzionino meglio come anche il programma di posta outlook

  8. Roland Kissinger says:

    How can I download SP 2 for Office XP and save it to a disk, so if my computer crashes and I have to re-install Office XP I will at least have the SP

  9. Rosemary Catlin says:

    As a pensioner, and also very disabled,I cannot afford to buy any further products.  The computer is my only lifeline and I shall miss it terribly.

    but I suppose it doesn't bother you as long as you make money.

    From a very disgruntled pensioner

  10. Charles Olson says:

    I use both Microsoft Office XP and Microsoft Office 2007. The newer version is more clumsy without any useful improvements to me. I am investigating Libre Office and am very happy with it for the moment. I have never had any security problems.

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