June 2011 Office Security Update Release

The June Public Update release for Office is now live and available for download. This release contains 2 security bulletins and 6 non-security updates.

The following Security updates were released for:

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-045

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-049

Joining the security bulletins were a handful of non-security updates:

As with normal cadence, Outlook Junk Email Filter for Office 2003 was also updated.

Comments (15)

  1. Sorry for the delay, the KB pages may have taken a bit to post, but they are live and available today.

  2. about:blank says:

    Where is the rupee symbol update for Windows XP? Rupee symbol update has been provided for Windows 7, Vista, Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 but not Windows XP.

  3. Sean Carruth says:

    The link to update KB2543854 doesn't work above.

  4. Mike McCann says:

    The link to update KB2539530 does not seem to work, either.  Is the Update / Download and associated info for Microsoft Office 2007 System under a different KB # ?  


  5. Tom S. says:

    It would be nice if the KB2523113 description page actually EXISTED. I've searched all around the web, and there's no info on this KB anywhere – because Support seems to have never posted the KB article for this! Please get this up ASAP – thanks.

  6. Ed says:

    No KBs in support for 2543854 or 2523113.

  7. Paul Murch says:

    KB2543854 can not be found for download – why??

  8. Ed says:

    Still no KB2543854.

  9. Ed says:

    Ok. KB for KB2543854 is alive but you can only get the tiny update via Windows Update or the Catalog.

  10. Michael Watson says:

    kb2543854 simply will not load on my Vista via Update. Can you post a link to where we can download this manually?

  11. A D M says:

    Ican not download update KB2543854

    The download center says it can not find it.

  12. Graham says:

    KB2502786 and KB2541025 both cause extreme slowness for Excel 2003. I have declined these on my update server and removed it from our PC's. Fix it right next time.

  13. hans kolp says:

    Ican not download update KB2543854

    The download center says it can not find it.

    KB2543854 can not be found for download – why??

  14. Bob Brooks says:

    System has been trying to install KB2539530 since 6/26, always fails. Any hint as to get this one to install. Allothers are there!

  15. Anonymous says:

    On TechEd Atlanta the SharePoint and Office 2010 Service pack 1 have been announced!

    *** Update 2011

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