Office File Validation General Availability Announcement

It is my pleasure to announce the general availability of Microsoft Office File Validation for Office 2003 and Office 2007.

Office File Validation is an Add-in that will validate incoming Office files to make sure the file structure conforms to the Office definition.

Today we released the Microsoft Office File Validation Security Advisory along with supporting documentation for Office File Validation. Below is the structure of the release and supporting articles.


If you need information on how this all fits together you can check out the TechNet article or review the Knowledge Base articles mentioned above.

Office File Validation will be available for Office 2003 and Office 2007 via Microsoft Update in the near future. At this time we didn’t release this update to the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) service.


Modesto, David, Lawrence

Comments (7)

  1. We are aware of larger Excel files taking longer to open.…/2501584…/2570623

    At this time we are investigating ways to improve this performance.

  2. Bastian Haas says:

    Do you already know when these updates will be available in WSUS (at least manually importable)?



    We are working on getting OFV into WSUS environment as quickly as possible.  Here is a

    you can use to assist you getting this into your WSUS environment.

  3. Save us from Adobe says:

    Is there any way this can block Flash in office files? I hope MS can save us from Adobe because it doesnt look like Adobe even cares about security in flash.

    @save us

    Here is some
    on how you can stop ActiveX controls from loading inside Office applications.

  4. Jeng-Wen Hwang says:

    Powerpoint 2003 open some ppt(2003) file that modified by powerpoint 2007 have error.

    Same to Excel 2003.

  5. PeteN says:

    If you have a PowerPoint error after allowing Microsoft's recent batch of updates, read their notice and patch article posted at:…/issues-after-installing-powerpoint-2003-update-kb2464588.aspx

    or remove patch KB2464588

  6. flyfisherwiz says:

    After this update installed I attempted to open a very large Excel spreadsheet (22,358KB)and Excel locked up and I had to force close it through task manager.  I attempted to re-open the same spreadsheed after a successful re-start of Windows and Excel still locked up.  I then uninstalled the update.  After unistallation was completed I was able to successfully open the spreadsheet.  Making the Add-In a "high priority" update, so that it Auto updates on a system (if that option is selected) is a fail.  It appears to be a bit buggy if it locks up Excel (as in my instance)  This should be an optional update.

  7. blake says:

    Is this an underlying stab at Open Office?

    "Validate that MS office files are MS office files"

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