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Before we get into the details of this post, we wanted to quickly call your attention to the new look and feel of this blog.  Hopefully the cleaner site will make our updates easier to follow, and the links to other Office blogs will be useful for you.  Now, on to this post…


The Office Sustaining Engineering team is happy to announce a new website that allows you to track all updates released by Office in a single place.


This Update Center (www.microsoft.com/officeupdatecenter) provides you with a list of the most recent Service Pack, Security Update, and Cumulative Update (Hotfix) releases for each supported version of Office, as well as a list of updates that have been released over the past year.  Additionally, we’ve provided an RSS feed that you can use to receive notifications whenever a new update becomes available.


In the future, we’ll stop using this blog to detail all of the updates that have been released, but rather will post brief notifications that direct users to the information on the Update Center.


Please share your thoughts on the new site using the ‘Click to Rate and Give Feedback’ section at the top of the Update Center itself.  This is our first attempt at creating such a site, so we’d love to hear what you think and will do our best to incorporate your comments.

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  1. gino majello says:

    please help me. I'm having troubles with Word and PowerPoint (2007 version with Windows7). While working a signal "download of necessary characteristic ongoing" appears and program goes out of work.

    I'm grateful for your reply


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