Enabling Microsoft Update to keep Office 2003, Office XP, and other Microsoft Products Secure and Up-To-Date

Our friends on the Microsoft Update team have posted a reminder on their team blog that opting in to Microsoft Update is the best way to stay secure and up to date, including a set of instructions for "opting in" to Microsoft Update on different versions of Windows. Microsoft Update offers updates for other Microsoft software, including Microsoft Office, as well as Windows software and driver updates.

If you haven't yet enabled Microsoft Update and are not receiving updates through your IT department, you should enable Microsoft Update to receive the latest Office updates and keep your version of Office secure.

If you are using Automatic Updates to automatically keep your machine up to date via Windows Update, you may not be receiving Office updates and should enable Microsoft Update immediately to receive the latest Office updates.

Note: Office 2000 is not supported by Microsoft Update, and Office 2000 users should continue to use Office Update.

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    237 Microsoft Team blogs searched, 106 blogs have new articles in the pa st 7 days. 256 new articles

  2. Malte says:

    Why MS do not just rollout this change as an "update" by WU

  3. There is information on how to get more updates for Microsoft products on the Windows Update website and also through the Windows Vista Control Panel Windows Update. We have not rolled out this change using Automatic Updates because we do not wish to automatically modify users’ update experience.

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