The new Office Garage Series: A look back at the season so far

In this episode of the new Office Garage Series for IT Pros, we look back at some of the best moments of season 1 from Xstream installs in air, on land and water and some of the best demos as we helped answer some of your top questions on the new Office. From the differences between the two versions and package/install types with the MSI-based Office Professional Plus 2013 and the Click-to-Run-based Office 365 ProPlus, the new user-centric model, integration with your existing deployment tools, managing Office in virtual environments, it’s not too late to catch up as we gear up for season 2 kicking off next week in the Big Easy.

Jeremy: So we are finally at the end of season 1 of the Garage Series show. We’ve covered a gamut of topics related to the new Office client and the user-centric model for Office 365 and how it can integrate with your existing identity and deployment infrastructure.
As we gear up for season 2 which has us starting on location in bayou country and the blues capital of the world, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the best moments.
So let’s start off by taking a look back at our Xstream Office 365 ProPlus installs in air, on land and in water.

Yoni:  The highlight of my year has been the birth of my daughter Charlotte, but right up there along with that was getting to fly the Extra 200 that you see in our aerobatics XStream install from episode 7. As a pilot and adrenalin junky, very few piloting experiences come close to that. So thanks to our friends at for giving us the opportunity
Jeremy: That was awesome and impossible to top. My contribution on the other hand was streaming Office with Windows Intune to my car PC in the time that it took to cross Seattle’s famous floating bridge. We did this entirely in one take and I was not sure about the timing. In hindsight I wish I could have kicked off the install a little sooner in order to make the compressed timeframe at the floating section of the bridge. But I was open to whatever happened as I took on the challenge.
Yoni: It’s pretty impressive that you have a PC in the dashboard of your car, Jez.
Jeremy: Yeah, if it wasn’t built into my car, it may have been illegal to install Office while driving. Switching gears though, we also covered quite a few unique demos. In episode 5, we raced Office installs, from the Office 365 portal via Windows Intune, MDT, and ConfigMgr collectively versus the traditional MSI install, speed definitely wasn’t on its side in this case.
Yoni: We covered a lot of ground in discussing the user-centric model, package types, how you integrate Office 365 ProPlus with your existing deployment and servicing infrastructure, and specific requirements for virtual environments.
Jeremy: Perhaps some of the more compelling demos were the ones that showcased multi-device support and the latest in touch and Lync experiences

It’s still not too late to catch up with season 1. We hope that you are already test driving Office 365 ProPlus for yourself.
Here’s a roundup of all 12 episodes:

Mark your calendars and join in the fun with more new stunts and unique demos as we cover all of the Office including the server stack to bring you what’s new and better with Office 365 and much more.
Our next episode will capture the unique character of the Big Easy as we put real-time co-authoring to the test.  Bye for now.

-Jeremy and Yoni


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 About the Garage Series hosts:

By day, Jeremy Chapman works at Microsoft, responsible for optimizing the future of Office client and service delivery as the senior deployment lead. Jeremy’s background in application compatibility, building deployment automation tools and infrastructure reference architectures has been fundamental to the prioritization of new Office enterprise features such as the latest Click-to-Run install. By night, he is a car modding fanatic and serial linguist. He first met Yoni Kirsh, founder of the Australian-based deployment services company Fastrack Technology, back in 2007 at a Microsoft customer desktop advisory council. Yoni's real-world experience managing some of the largest Client deployments for the Asia Pacific region has helped steer the direction of the new Office. Additionally, Yoni is an aviation enthusiast and pilot. Both Jeremy and Yoni are respected technical speakers and between them have over 20 years of experience in the deployment and management of Microsoft Office and Windows clients. They are also leading experts in the transition to Office as a service.

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