Office 2010 SP2 Beta Now Available for Download

 The beta for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 2 is available for download.  For the details, see the Office Sustained Engineering blog post about the beta release

You probably have your update process in place. But just in case, have a look at these resources:

Remember, after you apply updates to SharePoint 2010 Products or to Office Web Apps running on SharePoint 2010 Products, run the SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard. Or, at a command line, on every server in the farm, run:

psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b -wait

Happy patch testing!

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  1. @Rob – I'm not familiar with the issue you're referring to.  Can you be more specific?  And are you talking about SharePoint or Office client?

  2. aber says:


  3. Rob says:

    Thank you for the post. Any idea if the slipstream issue has been fixed and this can be extracted to the updates folder for new builds?

    Thank you

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