March 2013 update released for Office Web Apps Server

An update for Office Web Apps Server was released on March 5th.  You can find details on what's included in the March update and where to get it from here:
Description of the Office Web Apps Server 2013 hotfix package (Wacserver-x-none.msp): March 5, 2013

The March update also includes the changes described in the February 2013 update KB: The February 2013 update was only available temporarily.  To get those changes, you must apply the March update.

How do you apply updates to Office Web Apps Server?  Glad you asked!  We published this article just for that purpose:
Apply software updates to Office Web Apps Server

3/22 update: The March update was initially released as a critical update.  This caused it to be released via Microsoft automatic updates.  If you had automatic updates enabled on your Office Web Apps Server this caused some grief.  We heard the feedback.  The March update is being reclassified so it will not be automatically applied.  We'll be looking at the future updates as well to prevent this issue from occurring again.  However, be aware that any security updates that are released could be automatically applied by the automatic updates process.  So, for now, keep Microsoft automatic-updates turned off on your Office Web Apps Server.  And, if you use Windows Server Update Services, then you will need to download a new catalog with the re-classified Office Web Apps Server update.  Apologies for the trouble!

Happy patching!

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  1. Ok – thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks for reporting this.  Was the update auto-applied to your Office Web Apps Server as was mentioned in the forum post?  We're looking into that issue and will update the thread once we know more.

  3. Sorry John.  I'll be updating the TechNet article to hopefully help people avoid this issue.  If the update got auto-applied you'll need to rebuild the Web Apps Server farm –

    1.Remove the server from the Office Web Apps Server farm (use cmdlet Remove-OfficeWebAppsMachine…/jj219440.aspx).

    2. Uninstall Office Web Apps Server software.

    3. Reinstall & add to farm by using the directions found in Deploy Office Web Apps Server (…/jj219455.aspx).

    4. Manually apply March update by using the directions in Apply software updates to Office Web Apps Server (…/jj966220.aspx).

  4. Anonymous says:


    Is there a command, or other method of checking which version of the Office Web Apps server that currently is installed?

  5. Zahni says:


    this update (from WSUS) is faulty.

    Please read…/5e421924-51fc-4a0d-a15e-e4074f7e87a9

    Currently, I have the same issue. The Server runs at 100% CPU and logs critival Errors in a  endless Loop.

  6. Zahni says:


    the update was auto-applied using our WSUS-Server.

    But, it's currently only an test system.

  7. John says:

    I have a similar issue, after installing the update, I had an endless loop of Windows Reporting Service entries in Task Manager taking almost 100% CPU, and also have like 15 open Console Windows Host entries…very frustrating…

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