New Office 2013 compatibility and telemetry content for IT Pros in the Office Resource Kit

We've published a new Visio poster and article about compatibility and telemetry in Office 2013. These are both good starting points for IT Pros who want a high-level view without diving into too much detail.

The Visio poster (also available in PDF format and Zoom-it) describes how telemetry works in Office 2013. You can learn about the telemetry components, the types of files and solutions that are monitored, the monitoring process, and more.

The new Office 2013 compatibility guide describes the modern Office compatibility process and how Office telemetry supports this process. You'll learn about topics like discovery vs. inventory, the importance of working with business groups, and how to conduct user acceptance testing using Click-to-Run, to name a few.

As always, we welcome your feedback and we encourage you to check for new  and updated content weekly.


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