April 2012 Cumulative Update for Office is now available

You can now get the April 2012 Cumulative Updates (CUs) packages for Office 2010 and the 2007 Office system. The CUs also include Office servers and SharePoint products. In these overall knowledge base articles, you’ll find links for the individual update packages and their descriptions.

For links to all the Office CUs, Public Updates (PUs), and Service Packs, see the Update Center for Microsoft Office, Office Servers, and Related Products.

Comments (3)

  1. DarrylMo says:


    technet.microsoft.com/…/ee748587.aspx now designates the year for CU and PU links.


  2. DarrylMo says:

    Hi Ed,

    We're looking into including the year. Stay tuned.


  3. Ed says:

    For the page technet.microsoft.com/…/ee748587.aspx, the PU and CU boxes should probably include the year. For example, if I didn't know better there was an July 2011 CU for Office 2003. But of course it was July 2010 since Office 2003 is in extended support.

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