Looking for a reference document on Access 2010 VBA?

A customer recently left the following comment in our Changes in Access 2010 topic in the Office Resource Kit:

“lookin all over for a reference document on Access 2010 VBA... have an excellent one downloaded for Excel VBA but can not find Access.”

You won't find VBA content in the Office Resource Kit, so you'll need to check out MSDN. The Access 2010 writers suggest the Access 2010 Developer Reference as a starting point. In particular, the topic on What's New may be of interest. You might also find the article Getting Started with VBA in Office 2010 useful.

So how can you leave questions or comments about articles in the Office Resource Kit? You can easily leave feedback on any topic by using the Feedback feature. Just click the stars in the upper-right hand corner of the article, like this:

Many thanks to Steven and Michael for helping me locate the Access 2010 VBA content.




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