TechEd Atlanta : Day 3

Wow - not only did I find out the Canucks are actually leading 2-0 over the Sharks, but today was a great day about “Assessing, Building and Deploying”.  What does that mean to you?

The Office team handed out copies of the Desktop Proof of Concept Kit v2.0 this week, and requests to acquire more copies continue every day.  

What is this Proof of Concept DVD that everyone is so anxious to get?

Well imagine a DVD that has modules that guides you through the steps to establish your own POC Jumpstart test environment!  Once you put the DVD into your computer, the dashboard launches.  A deployment dashboard powered by Visio 2010 that refreshes the workflow to display when you’ve completed each step.  These steps start with the System Assessment, and continue to Application Compatibility then finish with Image Build and Deployment.

As the demo today progressed and went through offscan.ini, it was amazingly to discover that the current audience had not even used OMPM!

Yes, many noticed that a lot of this demo, on the tools, is command line based but that is so you can configure your own scripts to work with it, and deliver the scanner or tools to do the management and deployments specific to your clients.

Have you heard of the Office Environment Assessment Tool?  This is where you find out what add-ins are running. 

The POC provides all these tools including the MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) which is great for image engineering and automation.  If you were to integrate this into SCCM, you would have a zero touch automation solution via scheduled deployments.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of the POC DVD, stop by the Office demo station tomorrow!

Here are the highlights from today’s events.


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