Office 2010 Service Pack 1 is coming soon!

Office 2010 SP1, along with SharePoint 2010 SP1, will be available mid-summer 2011. For the latest details and how you can stay connected with the release updates, see Office 2010 Service Pack 1 is Almost Here.

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  1. DarrylMo says:

    Hi Sandeep,

    Yes. In fact, it should be available now as an update to Windows and Office. For the details, see…/support-for-the-new-indian-rupee-symbol.aspx


  2. DarrylMo says:


    Spell Check in Word 2010 works fine for me. Can you be more specific about the issue you're having?



  3. DarrylMo says:


    I'm sorry Office 2010 does not support the new Indian Rupee symbol on Windows XP, but on the later platforms it is supported. This update is independent of Office 2010 SP1; the symbol is available right now at the following KB article:…/2496898


  4. DarrylMo says:

    The new Indian Rupee symbol is now supported on Windows XP:…/2523113

    32-bit edition of Office 2010:…/details.aspx

    64-bit edition of Office 2010:…/details.aspx


  5. Sandeep Misra says:

    Will Office SP1 have the indian rupee symbol for excel

  6. swapnil says:

    Office 2010 SP1 will not not likely have any Indian rupee symbol because the Indian rupee symbol was made available only for Windows Vista and above and Windows Server 2008 and above. Office 2010 SP1 will have to support Windows XP which means that if Indian rupee symbol is there in Office 2010 SP1 there must be an Indian rupee symbol for Windows XP too.

  7. Chris says:

    Spell Check does not work on Microsoft Office Word 2010 do not buy. Nor does microsoft offer any solutions to the problem.

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