RSA Conference 2011 – Cloud Computing

I've enjoyed my time so far here at RSAConference2011 in San Francisco. Today started out great with the presentation of the RSA Lifetime Achievement Award to Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman, RSA themselves. There was even a standing ovation after the award was presented. After this the keynote addresses were given throughout the morning, followed by many different break-out sessions to choose from during the afternoon. Here are a few highlights and summaries from today at RSAConference2011:

  • Cloud computing is a hot topic. Many companies are either looking into some type of cloud computing to help meet their business needs or are already using some form of cloud computing today. Of course, security is a concern when talking about cloud computing. There are many vendors here at RSA helping to address these security concerns.
  • Cloud computing definition. There is some confusion about the definition of cloud computing. The industry de facto standard appears to be the definition provided by NIST.
  • Many security vulnerabilities happen because computer devices are not up to date in regards to applying security patches. Pirated copies of software (operating systems or applications) can more easily be exploited by hackers because those computers running the pirated software are usually not up to date with the current software patches for known security vulnerabilities.

Here are some key resources that may be beneficial in regards to the above mentioned items:

Also, if you are in need of guideance regarding Office 2010 and Security you can find lots of (hopefully useful) information located here:

I'm looking forward to attending more keynote addresses and break-out sessions in the upcoming days. I just hope that the winds outside subside - as the creaking noise of the tall downtown hotel building I'm staying in is a little unnerving and just a tad bit annoying. Oh well, at least the overcast skies and rain make me feel right at home, as if I were in Seattle. Good night, and if you're here at RSA then maybe we'll run into each other tomorrow - hopefully not literally though, which is definitely possible based on the hallways after some of the sessions today - two big blobs of people trying to go in opposing directions, but actually going nowhere very fast. Maybe we'll have crowd control officers directing the hallway traffic tomorrow. 🙂 Cheers! 

Ross Carter, CISSP

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