Troubleshooting the error “Database too large, not copying. Access properties skipped” when scanning Access databases using OMPM for Office 2010

We've seen several recent reports of customers hitting the following errors when using OMPM to scan Access databases:

  • Database too large, not copying. Access properties skipped.
  • Not logging Access properties for database.

One of our Microsoft consultants, Sebastien Roche, discovered a workaround to fix this issue:

Modify the OMPM configuration file (offscan.ini) as follows:

Set MaxCopyFileSize=300            ;or a size larger than your largest database

If you set this parameter large enough, you may still receive a "timeout error." In that case, you have to modify the values of the parameters RetryCount & RetryInterval as follows:


RetryCount=15                ;set this to the number of retries per file you would like before moving on

RetryInterval=1500        ;set this to the number of milliseconds to wait between retries.

The downside to this workaround is that OMPM scan performance is slow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You can solve out your problem by Access database recovry

  2. John, I pass your question to some Access experts and they suggest the following:

    You’ll need to do something like this in C#.

               Form f = a.Forms[0];

               foreach (Control c in f.Controls)


                   foreach (_AccessProperty p in c.Properties)





  3. John says:


    Sorry to highjack this post, but I couldn't find the answer to my question anywhere. It does relate to scanning Access databases, though.

    I wonder (not out of sheer curiosity of course) if it is possible to go through all the properties of Access objects (forms, controls, reports) from .NET app (C# in particular) using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access?

    From inside of Access I can do something like this:

    For Each ctl In Frm.Controls

     For Each prp In ctl.Properties


    But I couldn't find how to access properties' names and values using C#. Properties[index] doesn't give me anything at all. And it seems like there is no Property type as well to use in Foreach.

    Can you point me in a right direction please?

    Thank you.

  4. John says:

    Hello Jill,

    This is brilliant!

    Thanks a lot,


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