Office Multilanguage Pack with Proofing Tools now available

Licensed customers can now download the Office Multilanguage Pack (MLP) and Proofing Tools from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center.   There are 2 Office 2010 MLP downloads: CD and DVD.  If you want the Multilanguage Pack and/or Proofing Tools, choose the DVD download.  The CD download only includes the individual single language packs for each of the languages and does not include the Multilanguage Pack or Proofing Tools. 

Need some guidance on what packs to pick and how to deploy them?  See the following topics:


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    In response to Toby – please post your issue to one of the forums for help.  If you’re an IT Professional, post here:…/threads

    If not, post to…/default.aspx

  2. Toby McCoy says:

    I am having trouble with opening up my windows outlook. I keep getting this message, " can not open you default e-mail folders. The information store could not be opened. Please help.

  3. carlos nebot says:

    les ruego traduscan algo al español. Gracias

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    Que espanol ***, estas en una pagina en ingles, chingao…