How do you like your whitepapers: shaken or stirred?

When we aren't debating who makes the best pumpkin pie, we're trying to figure out how best to present whitepapers within our TechNet Springboard pages. Whitepapers differ from our usual Office Resource Kit content in that they are usually in document format and in many cases are written by consultants or product team experts. We know customers love whitepapers, and we want to make them easy to find, so we wanted to get your input on how best to integrate them within our Springboard pages. Please leave us comments with your feedback!

Here are a couple of methods we're using now. Which do you prefer?

Method 1: List whitepapers among technical guidance links, such as the performance whitepaper highlighted below. This is from our Discover & Explore page.

Method 2: List all relevant whitepapers in a single box in the right rail, such as these Access whitepapers in our Access 2010 Resource Center. Can you find them on the right rail? Sometimes links here tend to get overlooked.


Method #3: Assemble them all on a separate page (such as this page in our TechNet library) and include a link in our Downloadable Guidance section, like we do on our Pilot & Deploy page (see the yellow highlight).


 So what do you think--do you have a preference? Suggestions?



Comments (1)

  1. tony says:

    I like Method #3

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