(Almost) everything you ever wanted to know about Access 2010

I just inherited ownership of Access 2010 IT Pro documentation for the Office 2010 Resource Kit. And by documentation, I mean one topic--Changes in Access 2010. Historically, the Office Resource Kit has contained very little content about Access. On the other hand, there is quite a bit of Access content for end users on Office.com and for developers on MSDN. We also Access Services content for IT Pros on TechNet.

Even with these sources of content, I suspect that IT Pros need to know more about Access 2010. Why do I say that? Because our Changes in Access 2010 topic is one of our top 15 most popular Office Resource Kit topics, and the key word "Access 2010" is one of our most popular Office-related searches on TechNet.  And any time a link named "Access 2010" appears on our TechNet pages, it always attracts a lot of clicks, So I know IT Pros are coming to TechNet for Access 2010. The question is: what are you looking for, and are you finding what you need?

To get you started, I've tracked down just about every Access 2010 resource I can find on Office.com, MSDN, and TechNet. I also included a few community resources like the Access forum and Access on Facebook. So tell me IT Pros: is there something else you need? Leave a comment, please!

IT Pro topics in the Office Resource Kit (TechNet)

Changes in Access 2010 lists changes in Microsoft Access 2010 since Microsoft Office Access 2007 and migration considerations.

Office 2010 Migration Planning Manager covers using Office Migration Planning Manager to assess Access databases for compatibility with Access 2010.

Office 2010 Administrative Template files (ADM, ADMX/ADML) and Office Customization Tool provides a link to downloadable spreadsheet that lists Access 2010 group policies.

IT Pro topics about Access Services (TechNet)

What's new for Access Services in SharePoint Server 2010

Access Services planning

Access Services administration

Improving the Reach and Manageability of Microsoft® Access 2010 Database Applications with Microsoft® Access Services (whitepaper)


Information worker topics about Access 2010 (Office.com)

Home page

Help and How-To

Interactive Guide

Menu to Ribbon reference workbook

Training courses


Developer Resources about Access 2010 (MSDN)

Access Developer Center

Access Team blog

Channel 9 videos


Access Community
Access on Facebook

Access forum

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How about a 2010 version of the "Migrating to Access 2007 (white paper)" document? go.microsoft.com/fwlink

  2. Dee, I'm sorry to hear about the issue you describe. Can you clarify how the data loss occurred? I'm told that there is no conversion process from v12 -> v14 database files because they use the same file format. Something else must have gone wrong. We recommend that you contact Microsoft product support for assistance. You can find support resources here: technet.microsoft.com/…/ee263916.aspx.

  3. PAG says:

    Hi Jill,

    Thanks for your post and your proposal. Here are my company needs:

    – What should be considered when deploying Access 2010  and what are the best practices in a compay environment? A few ideas:

     – security and how to ensure you control Access proliferation (Trusted locations…)

     – the impact for the curent users…

     – What is commonly configured in Access ()?

    Best regards,

  4. W Santos says:

    Since it's one of the newest 'hot' features, how about tips/tricks, pitfalls to avoid when building access web apps?

  5. mehdih says:

    Greatfull, a single place to find exactely what you need.

    Thanks for gathering these data en links.

  6. Charles Robinson says:

    I have a massive Access 2003 ADP that is a full blown ERP that interfaces with SQL Server 2005. We're in the process of upgrading to SQL Server 2008 R2 and Office 2010.

    I really need to know about differences between Access 2003 and 2010, as well as what new features might be useful. Split forms and datasheet totals are already at the top of my list, but what else is there specific to ADP's? I never used Access 2007 so comparisons of 2007 and 2010 aren't very useful, and that's most of what I have found.

    I did find a page that lists things that are now hidden in Access 2010, but it doesn't tell me I should be using. For example it says the Form property of subforms is hidden. Why? What do I use instead?

    I'd also love to find more information about the Access runtime. I have it, I've installed it, I've tested with it. But being new to Access 2010 I'm not sure how to customize it.

  7. George Hepworth says:

    The answers to your questions are: We're looking for "HOW TO DO THIS…" material on specific topics regarding implementing Access 2010, Access Web services. And, no, we're not finding it.

    The majority of the material I've found about Access web services is so superficial as to be only a little better than marketing material in many cases.

    By far the best source of information is the Access Team Blog, where they talk a lot about HOW to accomplish tasks (how to use Data Macros, for example), rather than simply listing the tasks we can now perform. Along the same lines, look at previous comments here, it's obvious many others feel the same way.

  8. Eric Young says:

    Like other posts I've read, I am looking for deeper detail on customizing Access 2010, including customization (if it exists) of the keyboard mapping of shortcuts.


    WHY THE HECK DID THEY DO AWAY WITH ALT-TAB BETWEEN OPEN WINDOWS!! That one almost drove me back to 2003.  Who picked F6 as a practical window switcher?? Just had an epiphany – might be able to map a mouse button to F6… kluge hack though. (update:  yep, this worked – used intellimouse with two thumb buttons to map to ctrl-F6 / shft-ctrl-F6 respectively).


    Additionally – this may be a feature update vs. reskit item – I'd like to see the main Access help / F1 content be much more detailed and relevant to context – I have to currently go into VBA help to get assistance with SQL or embedded function syntax, etc.

    In fact, it would be really nice if there were an MSAccess Pro version, allowing 8-GB or more file sizes, tighter / easier integration with SQL Server / Oracle / JDBC / MYSQL, etc. if needed, and strip off all the 'light and fluffy' user help that clogs the help results today.

    I'll echo the comment below re: web services – would really like detailed guidance on web services / SOAP support;  I've had to go dredge up a few articles here and there, though I did find some.  Be nice to utilize Access as a RAD prototype platform for SOA environments.

    Thanks to the Access team, though, the product has come a long way since 2.0.

  9. The Borg says:

    Access is such a great tool, with all sorts of data sources, but when we ask our users to migrate from using Access-centric backen data sources to only SQL server data, documentation is lacking. In our business the single biggest change will be that edict to use only SQL Data, while still using the same FE interfaces. You then look into how this can be achieved and you find subjects that refer to access services etc, but do not specifically provide Access FE -> SQL backend suggestions.

  10. Dee says:

    When we converted from Office 2007 to Office 2010, my Access database lost a significant amount of data.  Entire tables were missing.  ??

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