Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) 2010 is released!

The much-anticipated 2010 version of Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) is now available for download on the Microsoft Download Center

OMPM helps IT Pros discover and assess the compatibility of existing Office documents for conversion from the binary document formats (Office 97-2003: .doc, .xls, etc.) to OpenXML formats (Office 2007 and beyond: .docx, .xlsx, etc.). Additionally, OMPM 2010 adds features that assess macro compatibility with Office 2010 and 64-bit Office compatibility.  The toolkit also contains the Office File Converter (OFC), which enables bulk document conversions from binary to OpenXML formats.


OMPM 2010 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Bulk Macro Compatibility Scanning – incorporates logic from the Office Code Compatibility Inspector (OCCI) tool to produce count of potential number of VBA issues due to changes in object model.  A new option in the offscan.ini file enables activation of this scan.
  • Bulk 64-bit compatibility scanning - incorporates logic from the OCCI tool to produce a count of the potential number of 64-bit (declare) VBA issues that are due to use of 64-bit Office.  A new option in the offscan.ini file enables activation of this scan.
  • Pre-defined date filtering for scans – provides new configuration options in the Offscan.ini file to allow exclusion of files based on last accessed or last modified dates.  Files that are skipped can be logged.
  •  SQL 2008/SQL 2008 R2 support – Support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 has been added. OMPM remains compatible with SQL 2005.

You can find the OMPM documentation in the Office 2010 Resource Kit.

Comments (5)

  1. zyx, yes, using OMPM 2010 during a 2007 migration will work. OMPM 2010 will generate a superset of the issues in 2007, so there may be false positives, mostly in the macro analysis. The basic issue set OMPM detects is the same, but several 2010 macro issues are not a problem in 2007.

  2. Edin, you can find our Office 2010 training resources at…/ff381682.aspx.

  3. EDIN MEDAR says:

    I am need,learning of MICROSOFT OFFICE.

  4. Hasan Hüseyin ULUCAY says:

    En büyük hayalim microsoft'da çalışmak !!!

  5. zyx says:

    While OMPM is designed for Office 2010, can it be equally useful for upgrading Office 2003 (or earlier) to Office 2007?  OMPM 2007 only seems to say whether or not VB code exists in the document, whereas OMPM 2010 looks into each line of code to see if a specific code might be a problem.  Since Office 2007 and 2010 are fairly similar, is it not better to run OMPM 2010 for the upgrade from 2003 to 2007 instead of OMPM 2007?  There might be a few false positives that result, but migrating the document into 2007 and testing would validate the report, and needs to be done regardless to confirm the validity of the report.  Isn't that better than just getting a report of all documents with VB code, or is there 2003 code that won't work in 2007 but does work in 2010?

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