Tech Ed 2010 session videos are live

Couldn’t make it to Tech Ed this year? Here is your chance to watch the session videos online. You can view the full list of videos, including the keynotes, on the TechEd Online site. The sessions listed below are tailored for Office IT Pros.

·         Microsoft Office 2010: Under the Hood Investments for Hardware and Performance  [OSP06-INT]

Learn how Office 2010 was designed to take advantage of advanced graphics chips, limited bandwidth environments, multicore processors, 64-bit chips, netbooks and more, while also optimizing performance and system requirements for existing hardware.


·         Microsoft Visio 2010: The IT Pro Love Story Continues [OSP210]

Learn how Visio 2010 will revolutionize the way IT pros work; how it will save valuable time and money with the enhancements made to the product. The is the best Visio release in 10 years. Learn how it will impact infrastructure specialists, application developers, and IT managers. Learn how it works together with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.


·         Advances in Microsoft Office Client Security: Keeping Enterprise Data Safe [OSP201]

Attackers are increasingly targeting applications to get at sensitive corporate data, and Office is no exception. It's not just about macro viruses anymore – any Office file can be used in an attack, and firewall-based protections aren't always enough. Office 2010 introduces a best-in-class suite of layered defenses to help prevent the spread of malware via Office documents. This session covers what you need to know about Office File Validation, Protected View and other protective technologies introduced in Microsoft Office 2010 and how they can keep your users safe without getting in the way. We also cover new ways that Office helps enterprises protect sensitive data while enabling collaboration with enhancements to our password protection, digital signature and rights management capabilities.


·         Microsoft Access 2010 and IT: The War Is Over [OSP05-INT]

Access enables end-users in business units to develop applications quickly at low cost. This agility is valued by large organizations around the world. However, some of these same organizations struggle with managing the myriad of Access databases in use. This session covers the new tools and techniques now available to keep IT firmly in control. The best of both worlds is possible: you can satisfy the need for agile development from your business units and still rest assured that the data is secured, backed up, and managed appropriately.


·         Key Aspects of Volume Activation for Microsoft Office 2010 [OSP04-INT]

In this session we discuss the new MAK and KMS volume activation methodology for Office 2010, including overview, how-to, and demos.


·         Microsoft Office 2010 Application Compatibility [OSP07-INT]

With every new version of the Office Suite released, Microsoft’s customers are facing the multifaceted challenge of the newly released version of Office deployment. One of the biggest issues related to deployment is an inability for IT professionals to assess and to know exactly what problems the organization will have, once the new Office is deployed. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt sometimes are a larger issue than the real incompatibility itself. It is also difficult today for developers to pinpoint portions of the code that will not function properly once the application is used with Office 2010. The Office 2010 Application Compatibility program is designed to help customers and partners to assess the environment pre-deployment of Office 2010 and to help identify compatibility issues within their applications code. Come to this session to learn about new tools to help assess the Office environment and identify potential issues in documents and code that may become a migration barrier as you decide to migrate to Office 2010.


·         Understanding and Deploying the Office Web Apps [OSP216]

Office Web Apps are new to Microsoft Office 2010 and will allow users to work with files from more places and on more devices by providing browser-based viewing and lightweight editing of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files. Learn how to deploy and configure the Web applications within your organization and what the viewing, sharing, creating, and editing documents experience is like.


·         Microsoft Office 2010 for IT Professionals [OSP208]

Let's talk about what's new in Office 2010, specifically about implications for IT pros. Topics include security improvements, hardware and performance enhancements, Web Apps principles and deployment, App-V and Office, improvements to application compatibility testing, tips/tools to get your end users prepared, and much more. This session serves as a great intro/overview before diving into each topic in more depth in separate Tech·Ed sessions.


·         Microsoft Outlook and Exchange 2010: Better Together Overview [OSP314]

In this session, Outlook Program Manager Andrew Sullivan reviews the various integration points between Outlook and Exchange 2010, highlighting core scenarios for end users and valuable integration points for IT pros and anyone managing a messaging infrastructure. This session covers Outlook and Exchange in great detail -- no question is off limits!

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