New Office 2010 Volume Activation Resource Center now available

The Office 2010 Volume Activation Resource Center is your “one-stop shopping center“ for all Office 2010 volume activation (VA) needs. The resource center has been updated to include a number of features to make your experience of Office 2010 VA go quickly and smoothly.

Sections include:

  • Volume Activation Methods – A quick description of the two methods, Key Management Service (KMS) and Multiple Activation Key (MAK), that are available for activating volume licensed editions of Office 2010, with recommendations about which to use for your particular network configuration.
  • Scenarios - Links to TechNet articles about sample small business and enterprise scenarios to help you determine the best activation strategy within your organization.
  • Videos – A flipbook with introductory videos to get you started on understanding how VA works.
  • Documentation – Links to TechNet articles on planning and deploying Office 2010 volume activation, a VA overview, quick start guide, troubleshooting, and frequently asked questions.

And in the right pane, there is a link to download the Office 2010 VA model poster, as well as links for VA tools, forums, and blogs.

See the Office 2010 Volume Activation Resource Center at

Comments (2)

  1. DarrylMo says:

    Hi Lawson,

    Couple of questions:

    1. What page/site did you find the incorrect link?

    2. Are you looking for Windows and/or Office KMS information (re: manuals)? For Windows, see the Key Resources and Downloads at…/dd197314.aspx

    3. Are you looking for a GUI to replace slmgr.vbs? For the Office 2010 release, you can use VAMT 2.0 to monitor KMS client activations. Download VAMT 2.0 at…/details.aspx



  2. Lawson Gold says:

    If you're going to provide links, please link to the relevant document.

    I've clicked on a link of yours that proudly says 'you can find out more about using KMS at Technet', with technet as the link. Now I'm on my third page of 'isn't this cool!' without any actual information. I don't need more sales, I don't need videos, I don't need to know about 'other methods', I don't even really need a 'resource centre'..I need the information (otherwise known as 'the manual') that I was led to believe was one click away.

    Please, if you're going to insist on the volume activation fun, try adding a GUI to KMS. That would be a start.

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