Where is the Office 2000 SR-1 administrator updates (O2KSR1aDL.exe)?

The Office 2000 SR-1 administrator updates (O2KSR1aDL.exe) is no longer available on the Microsoft Download Center.  This is because Office 2000 extended support expired July 2009:


If you really need this file, we suggest checking in with one of the community newsgroup to see if someone there can help you out.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

- Cat

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here is a community tech site with download information for Office 2000 SR1.


    See post #22 for an FTP site

  2. In response to Richard Adams – Should the files still be available from the Microsoft Download Center?  Yes they should. The only reason and the critical one that those files are not available anymore on the download center is because we don’t have them.  There was an issue with how these specific files were tagged and stored.  The result is that they were set to expire July 2009 and were apparently auto-purged.   Office files for Office 2003 and later versions are stored very differently so this shouldn’t ever be an issue for those files.

    Apologies again for the inconvenience!  Please do check out community newsgroups to see if someone can hook you up with the files you need.

  3. Koen Roggemans says:

    There are some places where you can find it:


    The problem is that the file is localized. I’m looking for the Dutch version. Anyone?

  4. Gabriel says:


    I’m in desperate need the Spanish version? Anyone?

  5. Richard Adams says:

    Just because it’s not supported is no reason to not still have it available. The fact that the SR1A package is available but does not download its components correctly makes this very frustrating. Why would MS still make SP2 and SP3 available, but not keep SP1 working? I don’t think it’s a huge expense for MS to keep this file available for download.

    I worked for MS as a temp for a while, and have positive memories of my co-workers and of how I was well-treated while I was there. I think people bash MS too readily, and that they underestimate how much better things are than they used to be (I well remember how my best friend and I had different computers, a Radio Shack Color Computer and a TI-994A, and sharing info between them was virtually impossible). MS has made the world a better place, and they have my respect. But there is no good reason to be a poor corporate citizen on this and eliminate a critical update from being downloaded just because it’s no longer supported.

    Put this file back up for download, Microsoft! There’s no good reason not to!

  6. Lawrence W says:

    Anyone found a site for downloading the English version of O2ksr1adl.exe? I’ve searched and searched and nada.

  7. Peter Bird says:

    Take a look at http://www.filewatcher.com/

    There seems to be a UK site and I found an Australian site on tehre too.

  8. Alex74 says:

    Hi! has anyone suggestions where I can find the italian version of o2ksr1adl.EXE?

    thanks in advance

  9. OK 10 says:

    You can download the english version from msdn subscriber downloads.

    It’s included in the Tools and Resources -> Office Resource Kit XP and 2000.

    Microsoft – If you couldn’t find it – now you can…

  10. JC says:

    Gabriel, has you found de O2KSR1aDL.exe in spanish?

  11. Kjell says:

    I have the Swedish version I think (at home). Contact me at kjell at rilbe dot Swedenstopdomain if you need it. I won’t check back here again, for sure.

  12. HG says:

    Can anyone help me with a dutch  version of the file:

    Office 2000 SR-1 administrator updates (O2KSR1aDL.exe)

  13. VE says:

    If anyone still needs this, I found an english version in my archives.  LMK.

  14. mbelsky says:

    I have DLed the Office 2000 SR-1a Offline Update from the above mentioned FTP site and uploaded it to a few places in case others need it and are unable to get the FTP site working. The update is available at the following links (you only need one):





  15. Daniel says:

    Thanks to Kjell, see post above, I have the Swedish version in store, which I have used for two reinstalls. Thought I'd help the world and post it on Skydrive.

    O2KSR1a SWEDISH (full public access):


    Wish there were some way to prove the legitimacy of the file, but cant think of anything.

  16. BILL BAXTER says:

    Office 2000 SR-1

    Many thanks to mbelsky 16 Aug 2010 11:03 AM.

    Your info helped to overcome problem caused by Microsoft losing this file.

    No problems downloading from your links & then  able to go onto O2kSp3.exe download.

  17. megalo says:

    Where can i find the Turkish version of offline update?


  18. Really need the Swedish version of O2KSR1a says:


    If anyone could help me get the Swedish version of O2KSR1a again I would be very grateful indeed!

    I just reinstalled an old computer and used the Office 2000 CD:s.

    When I was going to patch it I realized that Microsoft REMOVED the first servicepack needed for all the rest!  🙁

    Unfortunately Daniels link to SkyDrive doesn't work anymore, at least not for me.

    If anyone can help me please send me a message at

    algot dot runebjork at comhem dot swedishtopdomain

  19. mbelsky says:

    I noticed that some of my links posted on page 1 stopped working, so in an effort to keep these files available, here are some more links for Office 2000 SR-1a Offline update:








  20. marianne says:

    Anyone who can help with the danish version of O2ksr1adl.exe?

  21. Tony Sims says:

    I had to reinstall Office 2000 after a Disk reformat and now find that I cannot install any of the Office 2000 upates just because I cannot get Office SR-1 (02KSR1aDL.EXE ) .can anyone HELP OR ADVISE ME about this please ?

  22. alex says:

    People, where can I find the Brazilian portuguese version of the O2KSR1aDL.exe file? It makes a long time I am looking for this (pt-br) localized version, but still didn't find it…

    Can anyone help me?

    My e-mail address is: alextoti at ibest dot com dot br …

    Thanks in advance.

  23. dustin says:

    Just because it's not supported is no reason to not still have it available. — just one more reason I bought an apple for at home (even though I hate apples) — Microsoft's customer service is horrible.

  24. Dennis Kerr says:

    Removing a regularly needed file because support has ended?

    Bing makes Microsoft look bad.

    Google gives better results.

    Computers are supposed to be Microsoft core competencey right?

  25. Poul Mulvis says:

    OFF 2K SR1 or SR1a. Danish ver plz.
    This Strange as it seems. Is this MS top secret?

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