Office 2007 installed on retail computers is usually a trial version

From time to time, we receive comments on our articles asking a variant of the question, “Where is my product key?” These comments are typically from retail customers whose trial version of Office 2007 has expired and is now asking them for a product key to continue using it. Many customers try the product key included on the bottom of their computer, only to find out that it’s the product key for the operating system, not for Office 2007.

Retail customers should keep in mind that when you buy a computer from a department or online store, you are most likely receiving a trial version of Office 2007, not the full retail version. If you aren’t sure, please ask your sales representative! (Retail computers usually have a full, licensed version of the operating system, however.)

Also keep in mind that trial versions of Office 2007 do not install Outlook 2007.

If you have a trial version of Office 2007 that has expired, you have the option to purchase the full, licensed software from the Microsoft Web site, Web sites of authorized vendors, or from any authorized retail store. You can purchase the software on CD or as a download.

For more information about the trial versions of Office that are eligible for conversion to the full, licensed version and for instructions on activating a full, licensed version of Office 2007, see the KB article How to convert a trial version of a 2007 Office suite or program to a full retail perpetual license version.

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