Office 2007 and Windows Vista: Better Together

Office 2007 takes advantage of many of the new features in Windows Vista that are not available in Windows XP. These features include improved search, preview, and responsiveness enhancements that allow users to be even more productive when working with Office 2007 documents.

Improved search experience

Outlook 2007 includes a fast search experience that functions just fine without Windows Vista. When Outlook 2007 is running on Windows Vista, however, it defaults to the Vista search engine (instead of having two indexers running at once). Vista search is fully supported by Office metadata for both the binary and Office Open XML file formats.

With Windows Vista, you can search for text contained within documents. You can also use the Save As feature of Office 2007 applications to add keyword tags to your documents so that you can find them even more easily.

Document previews and thumbnails

When you hover over documents on the taskbar in Windows Vista, you can see previews of the document to help you to more quickly find the document you want to work on.

For a larger and easily navigable view of the documents you are working on, click the Switch between windows button on the taskbar in Windows Vista. This pulls up your documents in Windows Flip 3-D, a view of all the windows that you can navigate with the scroll wheel of your mouse.

Use the Switch between Windows button:

To show your documents in Flip 3-D:

You can also use the Save As feature of Office 2007 applications to save a thumbnail version of the document so you can see a preview of it in Windows Vista Explorer (if you don’t click the Save Thumbnail check box, the document will appear as a generic icon).

If you want to see more than just one page of a document in Windows Vista Explorer, you can use the document preview pane by clicking Organize, Layout, Preview Pane. Use the scroll bar on the right to scroll through the document. Within the preview pane, you can select and copy items from the document.

For more information about document previews and thumbnails in Windows Vista, see Demo: Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system — better together.

Common file dialog

Office 2007 uses the new open, save, and insert dialog boxes that are included in Windows Vista. This experience supports search, rich document previews, and metadata tagging.

Restored application state

After updating and rebooting, Windows Vista restores a user’s Office application state to where it was before the applied updates.

Auxiliary displays, or Sideshow

Some laptops and other devices are equipped with a display on the outside cover. With Windows Vista, users can view Outlook items on this display even while the laptop lid is closed. This is especially useful when on the way to a meeting and trying to remember the location.

RSS feeds

RSS feeds that are subscribed to in Internet Explorer 7.0 or Internet Explorer 8.0 and Outlook 2007 will remain in sync.

XPS document viewing

Windows Vista has the ability to natively read XML Paper Specification (XPS) documents, one of two fixed-file formats that Office 2007 supports.

International domain name support

Windows Vista includes support for International domain names.

Improved application responsiveness

Windows Vista includes improved anti-hang features that improve application responsiveness.

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