Documentation resources for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

If you are looking for resources for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, check the Mactopia Web site at It provides great resources for Mac Office administrators, including the Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Administrator’s Guide, and Messenger Deployment Guide which you can download. It also provides information about top IT Pro topics and support issues.

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  1. Maher Farah says:

    I am a student at Michigan State University that often takes notes with his computer, and ever since I discovered OneNote Ive been overjoyed. However, I just purchased a Mac yesterday along with Office 2008 and I found that OneNote is unanavailable to Max users. On top of that, I can’t even convert my OneNote notebooks over to Word for Mac. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add OneNote to the 2008 Office Suite.


    The Notebook view in Word just doesn’t cut it.

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