MVP Summit 2009

3/1/09 Update - View the press release: 1,500 Global Tech Professionals Take Center Stage at 2009 Microsoft MVP Global Summit 

All of us who write for the Office Resource Kit are looking forward to meeting MVPs at this year's MVP Summit! We will have a table at the "Ask the content experts" session Monday morning, so please stop by if you're attending. We'll have model posters for you to review at our table--you'll see a few hanging up along the back wall, too. Rumor has it that we'll be passing out some information-packed CDs. Also, be sure to check the MVP Global Summit Blog regularly--it's packed with great information about places to visit and things to do around Seattle.

Looks like a lot of you on Twitter are already here or on your way--welcome to a perfect day in Seattle! (We get a few of those every year.) We'll have a few #mvp09 tweets (our team account is @MSOfficeResKit). Those of you who tweeted from Florida: I have a friend who moved here from Florida who assures me that it's not the rain that takes getting used to, it's the socks with sandals thing.

- Andrea Weiss, @andreaweiss

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