You asked, We answered…"Deployment"

Deployment in a nutshell is often asked. 

How do we deploy? What is the easiest way to deploy?

We recently published a series of four home grown videos for your viewing pleasure.  These videos were designed to help you understand the benefits of Office 2007 and the ways to deploy Microsoft Office 2007.

Video 1 : Introduction to the Microsoft Office 2007 Product

The purpose of these videos is to introduce you to Microsoft Office 2007, to describe all the benefits and the changes that have happened since Office 2003 and the previous versions of Office.   We look into the deployment management services and how they work, how they can be employed in your organizations and also to help you articulate the benefits of Office 2007 to your organization.


Video 2: Introducting Microsoft Office 2007

Introducing Microsoft Office 2007 looks into both end user benefits and also benefits to the IT administrator.  You’ll find some good tips and tricks there for both using Office and deploying Office within your organizations. 


Video 3: Microsoft Office Deployment

This second video is an in depth look into Microsoft Office 2007 Deployment management, how you can deploy it, how you can manage it, how you can make the best use of all the new Office features within the organization.


Video 4: Migrating to Microsoft Office 2007

Migrating to Office 2007 goes over all the things you need to think of with the new file formats, the new user interface, whether you need to focus on document migration, macros, or add ins and solutions. 


Video 5: Introduction to the Microsoft Office and Virtualization

An Introduction to new Virtualization technologies and how they can be used to deploy and manage Microsoft Office 2007.

Check them out and let us know what you think!


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