Benefit from an Office 2007 Workshop

As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, the Microsoft US Enterprise Services group is conducting a number of Workshops across the nation. 


Perhaps you are just getting ready to deploy, perhaps you are still planning a deployment.  Consider attending one of the workshops available in your area or contact for a list of workshops and their locations.

One, in particular, that has come up in discussions is the

Microsoft Office 2007 Application Compatibility and Migration Workshop.

The key focus areas are:


1.      Planning a Migration to Office 2007

2.      Managing a Migration

3.      Application Compatibility, Considerations by Applications

4.      Migrating Office Customizations

5.      Customer Lab



This workshop takes place in a classroom environment, over a span of about 4 days, where participants discuss, compare, learn, and troubleshoot ideas on how to deploy Office 2007.

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