Deploying and Managing Office 2007 Workshop

This coming week my colleague and I will have the chance to attend one of the Microsoft US Enterprise Services workshops on Deploying and Managing Office 2007. 

In 4 days (or less), this workshop will cover all the details that you would need to design, deploy and customize an Office 2007 installation.  Specifically created to target the IT Professionals who typically deal with installations and troubleshooting in their current environment.

A brief overview of the workshop TOC lists the following modules:

Module 1: Preparing to Deploy Office 2007

Module 2: Introduction to the Windows Installer

Module 3: Customizing an Office 2007 Installation

Module 4: Upgrading to Office 2007

Module 5: Selecting an Office 2007 Enterprise Deployment Method

Module 6: Deploying Office 2007 in a Multilingual Environment

Module 7: Maintaining and Updating Office 2007

Module 8: Deployment Troubleshooting

Module 9: Office Diagnostics


As well, if you had interest in other areas, there are a number of other workshops available – one specifically that is getting a lot of questions is Microsoft Office 2007 Application Compatibility and Migration Workshop.  Stay tuned for more details.


Note: These workshops are currently held for Premier customers only.  For more information on Workshops feel free to contact:

Comments (2)

  1. Karina Meik says:

    Take a look at our new deployment videos:

    They will go through the basics of deployment regardless of your scenario and even provide you some insight into the next method of virtualization deployment.

  2. sidney says:


    I am interesteed in learning how to deploy office 2007 to my xp workstation.

    what is the easyest and simple way to do this for 200 pc?

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